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Commercial Barbeques

What better way to enjoy a Sunday afternoon than with a relaxing park barbecue. Embrace family tradition with our extended range of public park barbeques – they deliver the highest quality of robust durability, safety and exceptional cooking results for every meal.

All of our commercial outdoor barbeques can be installed and used with ease.  The cabinets come fully assembled, with easy to insert & secure in-bench cooking plates. Our commercial barbeques are specifically designed to ensure the safety of all, regardless of whether you are using or cleaning it with our unique ‘plug & play’ system.  They have the ability to make incredible meals in a short amount of time with our innovative heatcell technology transfers consistent high temperatures across the entire hotplate.

Sustainable cooking solutions

Urban Effects is not only passionate about providing people with a community inspired cooking alternative, but also about being environmentally friendly.  The Urban Effects Cooking Plates are energy efficient with better heat capture & control through innovative heatcell technology. As a result, our barbeques have an extended lifespan through their composite stainless steel fabrication.

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Be sure to view our range of urban furniture, or contact us to discuss the assortment of park and commercial barbecues that we provideAlternatively, you can request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible!