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Tree Protectors

Urban Tree Protectors

Protect the natural features of your urban or parkland setting with strong tree protection systems in subtle designs that enhance the raw beauty.

Tree protectors include guards to make sure the trees themselves are not damaged, and allowing saplings to grow unhindered and protected from prying hands. Grates allow the trees to grow without the impact of surrounding concrete or tiles, whilst ensuring roots remain protected and able to access water.

Urban Effects’ tree grates and guards are practical and safe. Multiple colours are available to complement any design, street or parkscape. The designs of our tree protectors also allow for an element of customisation. Select grates can be custom-coloured, laser-cut and even modified to include spot lights to illuminate the area’s natural beauty at night.

The use of trees in an urban environment provides a wide range of benefits for inhabitants. In addition to being an aesthetically pleasing feature of an urban space, plants also offer a variety of health benefits; both physically and psychologically. Ensure both the trees and inhabitants stay safe through using the natural environment and tree protection.

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