Finishes and Options

Creating stylish, practical outdoor spaces has never been easier! With New Zealand-based manufacturing facilities in the North and South Islands we have the capability to ensure your street furniture is ‘spot on’ in terms of look and feel, location and purpose.



TimberImage™ has the look of timber, with the durability and ease of aluminium.

The TimberImage™ process takes the natural warm look and feel of timber grain and permanently etches it onto a maintenance-free aluminium extrusion!

Unlike real wood, exposure to sunlight over time won’t cause fading, rotting or splitting. This means the stunning wood grain finish never needs painting or staining, saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs alone. it is easy to clean, termite and insect proof, and is splinter-free. It can also be used in areas susceptible to extreme fire danger.

TimberImageTM is not an overlay or laminate it becomes part of the paint coating so will not peel or flake over time.

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TimberImage™ Benefits

  • Maintenance free
  • Easy to clean
  • Won’t rot, split or crack like natural timber
  • Never needs repainting, oiling or staining
  • Won’t fade even with exposure to sunlight
  • Looks the same on day 3001 as it does on day 1
  • Added strength of aluminium
  • Insect proof
  • Great for fire resistance and fire danger areas
  • Save thousands of dollars on maintenance costs alone

Colour Options

Dark Cedar

Light Cedar

Western Red Cedar

Heart Rimu

Black Wattle

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Molecular Concrete

The Stile Molecular Concrete collection by Metalco brings a new level of luxury to concrete. Combining serious structural strength and sophisticated curves and edgy design, it is concrete ‘reborn’.

Lighter than traditional concrete and marble, molecular concrete transforms an everyday material into stylish and versatile solution. From bench seats to litter bins, bike racks and bollards to beautiful vertical gardens for apartment buildings, the Stile collection is breaking new ground for outdoor spaces.

The Stile Collection is made from High Performance Concrete and Ultra-High-Performance Concrete as well as other durable materials including beechwood, power-coated steel and aluminium and stainless steel.

High Performance Concrete (HPC)
  • A mixture made of performance-reinforced concrete, with the addition of granite and marble aggregates.
  • Surfaces treated with special anti-deterioration products to increase lifespan and resilience.
  • Anti-graffiti treatment option available.
Ultra-High-Performance Concrete (UHPC)
  • Ultra-high performance reinforced concrete provides extraordinary freedom of design.
  • Available with smooth, textured, wood grain and customised finishes.
  • Special stain-resistant waterproofing treatment applied to surfaces.

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Powdercoat Colours

The options are almost endless when it comes to powdercoating street furniture or product components. Maintain a metallic look to achieve an urban industrial vibe, choose earthy colours to blend with natural surrounds, or add a pop of vibrant colour. The choice is yours!

A wide range of powdercoat colours are available to suit the colour scheme of your outdoor space, including the majority of Dulux paint colours.

Download our Standard Powdercoat Colour Chart or talk to one of street furniture specialists about custom colour options.

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Urban Effects timber street furniture is generally crafted from hardwoods. Hardwood is renowned for its beauty and colour, and holds high durability rankings due to its unrivalled density and fine grain.

You can be confident in the knowledge that Urban Effects timber products offer the highest resistance to weather, rot, termites and borers.

If requested our timber products, including bench seats and table settings, can be oiled before packaging and distribution. To maximise the longevity and aesthetic of timber street furniture, we recommend hosing down the furniture and allowing it to dry after assembly, before applying a further coat of oil.

Wherever possible, we choose sustainable materials that have limited negative impact on natural resources and people – and avoid depleting or degrading the environment. We’re passionate about the materials used in our products, with an ever-increasing range using sustainably sourced, recycled and recyclable materials: including FSC and PEFC accredited timber.

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