Elegance set in stone

Urban Effects is thrilled to bring Italy’s Bellitalia® products to New Zealand, for the most elegant and enduring public places.

A European leader in concrete and marble aggregate products, Bellitalia® blends effortless beauty with advanced materials and processes – for unsurpassed performance and sustainability.

A true “place maker”, Bellitalia® pushes boundaries to create mesmerising shapes, unique character and collective comfort.

Already a mainstay of renowned squares, parks and museums across the globe,
it’s time to discover the Bellitalia® difference.

Explore the unique beauty of Bellitalia®

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Rethinking urban spaces.


robust products that last and last.


innate sophistication, clever features.


unique look, feel and appeal.


to responsible, sustainable products and processes.

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Products on point

Remarkable materials

Bellitalia®‘s own unique formulas make all the difference.

  • Reconstituted stone: precious stones and granite:
    Beauty of natural stone with benefits of concrete: choice of colours and finishes.
  • Ultra-high-performance concrete (patented UTC® blend):
    Design freedom for complex and subtle shapes: choice of colours.
  • High-performance concrete (patented HTC® blend):
    Smooth formwork finish and inherent strength: choice of colours.
  • High-quality components:
    Stainless steel, porcelain stoneware, and wood (including hardwood).
  • Protective coatings:
    Most products are treated with a transparent anti-deterioration varnish or (on request) anti-graffiti paint.

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In-concrete commitment
In-concrete commitment

From crafting fully recyclable products to using 100% certified sustainable energy for production, Bellitalia® prioritises sustainability, every day.

Shattering expectations

Unique touches make all the difference: like the PIANETI planter collection, borne of a collaboration with Ekonya. The eco-sustainable cement mixture includes beautiful Murano (Venetian) coloured glass aggregates left over from glass processing.