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Grillex Electric Inbench Cooking Plate

This energy efficient, user-friendly, versatile and safe hotplate inbench cooking plate can be installed easily and quickly into an existing or custom made bench.

Available separately or with our Urban Retro-fit Door.

Refer to our Technical Specification Sheet for more benefits for users and maintenance teams!

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  • Environmental Credentials


Features & Benefits

  • Stainless Steel hotplate, approx. 540mm x 540 mm
  • Push-button start & stop for easy operation & safety
  • Coloured LED lights indicate hotplate heating up, ready to cook or cooling down
  • Hygienic cooking with 316 Stainless Steel hotplate & rapid pre-heat to reach sterilising temperature
  • Innovative heatcell technology transfers consistent high temperature across the entire hotplate for even cooking

More Uses

  • Custom BBQ benches
  • Upgrading old BBQ cabinets