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Drinking Fountains

Quench any thirst with freestanding, public drinking fountains of flexible practicality and refined elegance. Urban Effects has been a drinking fountain supplier for many years and can provide a wide range of street and park furniture to accommodate all your needs. To easily browse and compare our models and find the perfect fit for your outdoor area, download our catalogue or view our flipbook.

Stylish and functional

Commercial drinking fountains are available in simple designs suited for parks or urban environments, or more elegant designs perfectly suited to older, heritage listed environments. These features can help to set-off an area, as well as make it more attractive to families and visitors. We can also provide drinking fountains for schools to suit specific requirements.

The all-inclusive exterior drinking fountains are available in single or dual height designs to ensure they are wheelchair accessible and easy for children to use. Our drinking fountains also include drains or catchments to ensure the area surrounding the tap stays dry. Some models have substantial sized drains (approximately 300 x 900 x 100mm) with removable grates for easy cleaning.

In line with our eco-focus, water-saving designs are available in most of our exterior drinking fountains. Urban Effects is a drinking fountain supplier based in New Zealand, and we have a sustainable commitment. Read more about our eco-focus here.

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Contact us today to discuss our range of drinking fountains, and find out what will work best for you. Alternatively, download our catalogue for more information about our models and request a quote – we will get back to you as soon as possible!