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Public Litter Bins

Urban Effects delivers on robust practicality and vandal resistance with our exceptional spectrum of street and park litter bins. Our bins encourage clean and litter-free zones for communities whilst maintaining a high level of outdoor resilience. We know that littering is often the result of laziness, however conveniently installed public rubbish bins are the perfect way to help reduce this. Download our catalogue for a full list of products and their specifications.

Our outdoor bins are suitable for all outdoor environments, including streets and parks, and have the durability to last whilst stylishly complimenting their surroundings. This makes them practical and stylish, so you can rest assured we have the right option for an installation in your area.

Functional products to suit your space

We offer a range of features that can transform a simple, conventional bin. These include:

Our bins also can be mounted on the ground or on a wall and come in a range of sizes in order to fit the space provided.

All products are available in a number of different designs and colours to ensure that they effortlessly fit into their environment. Whether you are looking for a standard silver bin or a more creative design, you’re sure to find an option within our range.

Get in touch

You can view our range of public litter bins online, including technical specifications and CAD drawings for 3D modelling. To discuss our range of public bins and enclosures, contact us today or request a quote and we can find out what products from our range of urban furniture solutions will work best for you.