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Bike & Scooter Parking

As communities continue to embrace the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle, the provision of safe and practical bicycle storage solutions has become a must.

Urban Effects’ diverse bike racks range offers a solution for every design vision and space restriction. Storage solutions range from options to fit one or two bikes, to customisable options for dozens of bikes. Whether the space in question is a school, university, park or office district, there is an option to suit the surroundings. Designs can be customised in a number of powder coated colours to blend in (or stand out) perfectly with the surroundings.

Fabricated in a range of stainless steel and alloy materials, the New Zealand bike racks range spans from simple and cost effective to stylish and elegant.

We are also proud to offer a parking and security solution for scooters. Our Kiwi Scooter Rack system allows for 10 securely parked scooters per rack, through the use of individual padlock holes and a rigid 3mm plate.

View our range of products below, or contact us to discuss our range of bike parking and bike racks today. Alternatively, request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible!