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Urban Planters

Urban Effects planters are designed to soften harsh environments and transform urban metropolitan settings to create an atmosphere that is green, warm and homely. Great for sound or sight barriers, doorway entrances, or just to enhance natural surroundings, planters add the finishing touch to your project or landscape. To better understand how our urban planters can be used and if they are suitable for your purposes, download our catalogue.

Planters are available in a range of sizes, colours and materials. This allows them to blend into their surroundings seamlessly, or to create a statement while bringing life to an area. Used in tandem with our other urban furniture solutions, they make a fantastic addition to your urban space.

In addition to softening commercial environments, plants offer subtle psychological benefits in the workplace including improved perceptions of space, reduced anxiety and enhanced well-being. Plants improve the look and feel of commercial spaces as well as improving the well-being of those working in the presence of potted plants.

The IsolurbanaLido Planters are the perfect outdoor planter seat additions while the Urban Planter is suited to indoor foyers, lobbies and commercial entrances. All planters come in a variety of sizes.  For more information, simply click on their names or images below.

All of our planters sit on an adjustable steel plate to raise them slightly off the ground allowing for drainage. This feature helps regulate the slant of the planter, allowing the pot to sit safely on a sloped surface. Some of our planters also have the option of a customisable nameplate or label to suit your business.

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