Simply and easily transform public places with our range of indoor and outdoor planters. The natural choice for urban living, Urban Effects planter boxes mix striking looks with strength and durability. Available in a range of sizes, shapes, colours and materials.

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Urban planters

Even in the most urban landscapes, adding a touch of green inspires a greater sense of happiness and wellbeing, and the connection to nature we all crave (and need).

Planter boxes in the Urban Effects range are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and materials. Choose a design that seamlessly blends into the surroundings or one that makes a statement. Indoor or outdoors, our planter boxes breathe life into any space.

All of our planter boxes sit on an adjustable steel plate to raise them slightly off the ground to allow for drainage. This feature also ensures a planter can sit safely on a sloped surface, making them a practical and sustainable long-term solution.

A versatile solution

In addition to their visual appeal, planter boxes serve an array of purposes. Ideal for urban streetscapes and bustling retail and hospitality precincts, they support the creation of people friendly zones, and act as privacy screens and sound barriers in residential settings.

Our selection of planters are versatile, in that they can be treated as a standalone piece or incorporated into a larger combination piece that includes seating or shelter.

We have standalone planters in a range of sizes and shapes, including long trough planters, tall planters which help to achieve height easily or large concrete planters that echo the style of large garden pots.

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