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Urban 1900 Double Electric BBQ



The large capacity Urban 1900 Double Electric BBQ offers a stream-lined design with duo cooking plate, superior temperature control and dramatic power saving features.

The beauty of the Urban Effects BBQ range is that they maintain a consistent heat over the entire hotplate.  It is the ultimate in eco-friendly BBQs.  The cabinet comes fully assembled, along with in-bench hotplates which are easy to insert & secure, to have you cooking sooner with no timely assembly involved.

Refer to our Technical Specification Sheet for more benefits for users and maintenance teams!

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  • Environmental Credentials

Features & Benefits

  • Large working bench on top of 1900mm x 800mm cabinet
  • Strong Stainless Steel cabinet with Stainless steel bench top & cooking plates
  • Push-button start & stop for easy operation & safety
  • Coloured LED lights indicate hotplate heating up, ready to cook or cooling down
  • Hygienic cooking with 316 Stainless Steel hotplate & rapid pre-heat to reach sterilising temperature
  • Innovative heatcell technology transfers consistent high temperature across the entire hotplate for even cooking

More Uses

  • Parks
  • Subdivisions
  • Sporting and recreational areas
  • Tourist parks