Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

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Our school and university grounds furniture creates engaging outdoor spaces that focus on providing students with alternative learning and break spaces as well as safety and ongoing performance.

Students are at the heart of our designs, with furniture that looks and feels great, with the inherent resilience that school and university life demands.

Practical Outdoor Solutions for Schools, Colleges, Universities & Education Centres

New Zealand’s education centres choose Urban Effects because we offer practical,
durable furniture to match budgets and funding.

  • Long-term value through easy care and longevity are a given:
  • Robust designs that only require easy, minimal maintenance.
  • Made specifically to suit New Zealand’s climate and conditions.
  • Built for protection – with strong and stable structures, no sharp edges, and specially designed fixings to resist tampering, vandalism and theft.

We provide a complete range of outdoor education solutions for every stage, age and ability – from school to university, including:

  • Tables ranging from school-sized lunch benches to table settings for 12 adults
  • Outdoor learning tables for study breaks, craft work and eating meals
  • Strong but lightweight bench seating that can be moved easily and stacked for minimal storage
  • Choir stands and grandstand seating for sporting events
  • Bike /scooter stands and water fountains
Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

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Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

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Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

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Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

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Outdoor Furniture for Schools and Universities

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