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Legend Litter Bin Triple

Encourage clean and pleasant public spaces with our smart and stylish Legend litter bin collection by Urban Effects.

Available in single, double, and triple bank options, this newest and proudly NZ-made collection of rectangular bins is crafted from durable powdercoated alloy frames supporting the structure and has a 90-liter capacity per container.

Choose from our sleek door style options: hardwood timber, steel deluxe, or the TimberImage for that timber appeal with the durability of aluminum. Or, throw-in more creativity and originality to your litter bins with our customised steel door designs making them more attractive and encourage public use.

*Standard models are exclusive of decals. Decals are optional extras with additional cost.

*Customised steel doors will incur extra charges. Talk to us about your preferred design.


Features & Benefits

  • Sleek, durable powdercoated alloy frames ensure durability
  • Available door style options- hardwood timber, TimberImage or steel deluxe
  • Liner is constructed from sturdy plastic preventing rusting and leakage
  • Bin door latches with an industrial magnet. No tools are required to access the bins providing quick access and maintenance
  • 3 x 90L capacity

More Uses

  • Multi-purpose urban spaces
  • Central business district streetscapes
  • Shopping malls
  • Commercial areas
  • Retail precints
  • Universities