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Lido 2500 Bench

A beautifully crafted product by Bellitalia®, the Lido 2500 is a monolithic bench having a round section.  It is possible for the customer to match the bench with a custom-made base, able to grant a perfect flatness also by means of a covering cap that plugs the space for greenery.

The bench can be manufactured using reconstituted natural marble stones or white granite conglomerate. Perfect for indoor and outdoor use.

  • Environmental Credentials



Features & Benefits

  • Removable plug in the center to add plantings/greenery to if desired, alternately leave the plug in to create a completely flat surface
  • All surfaces are sandblasted (excluding the top seat surface which can be polished, to give the product a shiny effect)
  • Surfaces covered with a transparent anti-decay coating or upon request, with anti-graffiti products
  • All edges are rounded or made blunt.
  • Bench is reinforced and endowed with bushes that permits lifting

More Uses

  • Commercial Developments
  • Retail Developments
  • Schools/Universities
  • Almost any situation