Rawhiti School

Rawhiti School is part of a rapidly growing global movement to provide students and teachers with a variety of flexible learning and socialising spaces, both indoors and outdoors.

Research shows outdoor learning improves physical literacy, attention and working memory; boosts creativity, thinking and social skills; and benefits confidence and self-esteem.

For the year 1-8 school’s latest project, our local specialists designed and manufactured a unique range of tables, platforms, benches and seating tailored to maximise the atmosphere, versatility and functionality of a large, grassed space.

Bordered by landscaping and rock walls, the bespoke, modular, multi-purpose furniture were easily adapted to meet the school’s specific needs.

In a nod to the coastal lifestyle, a customised surf board bench is a great place to hang ten, while the concrete Table Tennis Table adds another element of all-ages fun to the space.

Made of hardwood timber, concrete and galvanised steel to blend with the natural environment, each product is designed to minimise maintenance and withstand the toughest conditions.

ClientRawhiti School / Ministry of Education
ContractorForever Green