Chatterbox Seat, Auckland

The Chatterbox Seat is a real conversation starter and that’s exactly what it’s designed to be.

After New Zealand woman, Emily Turnbull, lost her husband Darryl to suicide, she decided to create the Chatterbox Seat to raise awareness of the need to talk about mental health.

The first Chatterbox Seat, made by Logic Street Scene (our manufacturing hub in the South Island), was installed in Harbour View Reserve, Point Chevalier in time for Mental Health Awareness Week with the support of the Albert-Eden Board.

The seat not only stands as a tribute to Darryl’s life but his family’s belief in spreading the word about mental health and creating caring, connected communities. As Emily says in an interview with Our Auckland: “All kids and adults should be encouraged to share, to chat openly, to express feelings, to ask for help, to be listened to.”

Bright and beautiful, the Chatterbox Seat, features wide, platform-style seating with a comfortable backrest, making it the perfect spot to stop, breathe, relax and strike up a conversation. While signage on the seat provides people with a number to call to talk to a trained counsellor if they need support.

If you would like to order a Chatterbox Seat for your community, contact Urban Effects today.

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