Water for all on World Water Day

It’s World Water Day today March 22.

This year, the United Nations has chosen the theme Water for all to highlight just how important it is for people the world over to have access to clean, fresh water.

In New Zealand, we’re fortunate to have an abundant supply of water. We rank in the top 10 countries in the world for water quality and quantity, thanks to our rivers, lakes, underground aquifers and good rainfall.

Clean, fresh water is important for a whole heap of reasons. It’s important for our health, provides us with food to eat, and with almost 60 per cent of New Zealand’s energy coming from hydro-electricity, it powers our homes and business.

Hydrate for health

Did you know men need 3 litres and women need 2.2 litres of water every day? (Source: Health Navigator New Zealand)

Drinking fountains in our public spaces help keep us hydrated while we’re getting from A to B, exercising and playing. Plus, drinking fountains help keep our environment healthy with less single-use plastic water bottles going to landfill.

Urban Effects has been supplying smart, stylish and functional drinking fountains for parks, playgrounds and other public spaces for years.

Drinking fountain essentials

Here are our 5 essentials for drinking fountains:

  • Make sure your drinking fountain has water-saving features that manage water usage and stop drips. A bottle filler is a must for modern parks and walkways!
  • Choose a durable fountain constructed of high quality, heavy duty materials that include vandal resistant shrouds on bubblers, taps and bottle fillers.
  • Install a stylish fountain design that suits your space and makes people want to drink. Even add a splash of colour!
  • Make it accessible. Choose a fountain design that is wheelchair accessible and easy for children to use.
  • Never miss an opportunity to educate people about water’s benefits. Include a sign or graphic on your fountain with a fun water fact or tips for staying hydrated.

Urban Effects drinking fountains

We offer a wide range of drinking fountains, including our Hydrate Z440 Drinking Fountain.

Just some of the features of the surface-mounted Hydrate Z440 Drinking Fountain include:

  • Heavy duty marine grade aluminium extrusion
  • Bubbler and bottle filler with vandal resistant tap shrouds
  • Filter
  • Colour powdercoating for aluminium extrusion
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Attractive information sign

Keep your community healthy and hydrated. Get in touch with the Urban Effects team to find a drinking fountains that suits your needs.

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