Using Bamboo in Outdoor Courtyards

Around the world, bamboo is used in a wide range of applications – everything from furniture, craftwork and construction to luxurious clothing, bedding, and cookware.

The versatile and fast growing bamboo plant is also an ideal and attractive plant for any outdoor courtyard. Thanks to its low maintenance, durable nature, clumping bamboo makes an excellent choice for any outdoor space looking to enhance its appeal.

Privacy Screening

A bamboo hedge makes an attractive yet practical privacy screen. If you are considering using bamboo for privacy or to line a perimeter and would like to achieve impact quickly, we recommend spacing your bamboo closer together than 90 centimetres for an instant hedge. Bamboo’s fast growth means you can expect a full privacy screen in very little time, even a week.

Why choose bamboo instead of a conventional fence? While both offer a great way to block out the street, neighbours, buildings, and fences within narrow garden beds, bamboo hedges can be more natural, more beautiful, and can be adapted or pruned to suit your preference. If you still require a conventional fence for boundary reasons, our Bambu planters can be placed in front of fences, rendered walls, and any other kind of vertical structure.

Noise & Wind Breaker

A second benefit to planting bamboo in public spaces is its usefulness as a windbreak or noise barrier. If you are based in a hilly or open area, bamboo hedges will help buffer against strong winds and gusts. Or, if you based in a noisy suburb, clumping bamboo’s noise cancelling properties will make your space a serene oasis away from the bustle of traffic, nearby roads, or trainlines.

Cooling & Purifying

You may be surprised to learn that bamboo has unique cooling and purifying properties! In fact, its ability to purify the air around it is three times greater than most other plant species. Adding bamboo to a public area is an excellent way to enhance your visitors’ wellbeing with fresher air.

In warmer weather, bamboo can also cool a small area by up to 8 degrees celsius, making it a great investment for summer.

Placement, Spacing & Growth Rate

Planting bamboo is simple because it is an adaptable plant. With a remarkable ability to grow up to 91cm per day, certain species of clumping bamboo can thrive everywhere from raised garden beds to pots, troughs, and planters.

Ideally, choose an outdoor space where the bamboo plant will have the chance to absorb at least five hours of direct sunlight each day. Proper bamboo plant care means ensuring that the plant is given ample water, fertiliser, and is protected against invasions from weeds. When first planting bamboo, it may be a good idea to set up a light windscreen or shade to help it make a strong start.

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