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Opening up to a Greener Outlook

The Optimisation of Space

The home is where the heart is, however what if you could also achieve a feeling of warm-heartedness in the public sphere? Developing safe, beautiful urban areas and building on a sense of community is becoming a necessity in most cities. Multi-use destinations in green spaces are essential in modern town planning and the management of these areas can have a large impact on the wellbeing of a community.

An open space is essentially any piece of undeveloped land that is open to the public. If utilised effectively, an urban open space can positively influence communities and the surrounding environment. The lack of access to safe and open green spaces is a growing concern in cities, hence the necessity to optimise space in urban areas.

Giving the Green Light

Green spaces encourage the public to embrace the outdoors and seek a safe and tranquil environment to unwind in. Town planners are more inclined to create green public spaces in an attempt to benefit the public whilst replacing the destructive human footprint with a green one.

A green public space is an area of land covered with grass, trees, shrubs or other vegetation. Cities are transforming underused green areas into engaging spaces, with aspirations to encourage community wellbeing. Various cities in the United States are boasting new and improved public space designs including Pershing Square in LA and City Hall Plaza in Boston. The plans for multi-use spaces include low-cost, flexible features that are suitable for all seasons. The improved characteristics of these spaces not only warrant success through the renovations, but through the improvement of community relationships and compassion between a government and its people. Improvements to urban areas can include anything from adding more light to heighten safety, furniture and facilities, , or planting trees and improving the landscape.

A Space to Call Your Own

Providing the community with a place that offers solitude in heavily populated areas is important in maintaining public health. Creating more liveable spaces increases safety and community engagement, whilst enhancing the overall atmosphere in urban areas.

Creating multi-use destinations for communities promotes healthy lifestyles and an environmentally stable future.

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