Transform Sport & Recreational Clubs in your Community

The whistle blows, the siren sounds and the crowd cheers. It’s the end of another game, but just the beginning of the ongoing benefits for the community.

Sport has the power to break down cultural and social barriers, and unite a community in more ways than one. It encourages social activity, good sportsmanship and an active lifestyle for the individual. Having a well established sports club in your community can have a tremendous impact on the wellbeing of its people.

It’s important to establish a sports club that is fitted with adequate facilities that encourage growth and development. Creating a place to play, practise and support others will give your community the integrity it needs to thrive.

At Urban Effects, we supply the tools to lift community spaces so they can reach their full potential. Discover how you can transform sporting and recreational facilities with sporting club furniture and equipment from our top range.


1. Portable Grandstands



The sidelines should be filled with friends and family cheering on their loved ones at every game. Our selection of portable grandstands includes two, three and four-tier stands to cater to every size event, from the little leagues to grand final games. They’re guaranteed to offer maximum safety, comfort and stability for all users, and can be moved and packed away easily. Our portable grandstands are a versatile piece of sporting club equipment, and their mobility means they can be moved to suit different events.


2. Drinking Fountains




Hydration is key to a healthy community! Promoting active lifestyles at your sporting club means supplying the tools to support this. Our commercial drinking fountains are a vital addition, and are available in a range of practical and stylish designs to suit all spaces. Incorporate dual height designs to cater for all ages, and ensure they’re placed in convenient, easily accessible areas. Players, spectators and furry friends can drink, refill water bottles and feel their best for the entire day!


3. Bench Seats




Whether it’s on the sideline for players, in the dressing rooms or as extra seating for spectators, the placement of bench seats at your sporting club will deliver convenience and practicality. Choose from a range of designs that can be tailored to suit your club’s needs. Weather-proof and built to last, our bench seats will be a longstanding piece of stylish outdoor furniture at your sporting club.


4. Commercial Barbeques




Perhaps the best part of all is celebrating as a team at the end of an exciting game. What better way to bring the community together than with a traditional barbeque? Our selection of commercial outdoor barbeques are user-friendly and easy to install. They’re energy efficient and long-lasting, and will ensure hungry players can really hit the spot with a delicious, post-match meal.


5. Public Litter Bins




Create a positive and respected public space! Encourage the community to look after their sporting and recreational clubs by placing litter bins in all outdoor areas. Choose from a range of bin designs that will complement their surroundings, and ensure clubs are kept litter free.

Whether you’re building, upgrading or enhancing a sporting or recreational club, Urban Effects is here to help. Together we can find ways to improve community spaces and encourage connection. Sporting teams and events are the core of local communities. Encourage their growth and development with high-quality sporting club equipment and see success now, and in the future.

Contact the team at Urban Effects to learn more.

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