The value of local manufacturing

The evolution of Urban Effects’ Liffiton street furniture suite is a case study in value engineering. Take a behind the scenes look at how local design and manufacturing expertise and a focus on form, function and cost has given this New Zealand made modular seating collection the edge.

Open the doors to the Urban Effects manufacturing facilities in Whanganui and Rangiora in New Zealand’s North and South Islands, and there’s a good chance you’ll witness items from our Liffiton range in various stages of production and assembly.

One of our most popular street furniture suites, the Liffiton range is a modular collection which includes benches, seats, platforms, planters and table settings that can be configured in a myriad of ways and arranged to suit virtually any space or purpose.

Since its introduction to the Urban Effects range in 2022, we are proud to say it has become the product of choice for countless projects and can be found in parks, schools and public spaces across the country. 

A value engineering approach has been integral to Liffiton’s success from the start, with our street furniture designers determined to create a range that ticked all of the boxes with respect to style, functionality and affordability. And it has driven the ongoing evolution of the range, including its most recent addition: the Liffiton Edge Accessory.

Street furniture designers and manufacturers for more than 30 years, value engineering is part of our DNA at Urban Effects and the benefit we can offer our clients drawing from our extensive experience and knowledge of ‘what works’.

At its heart, value engineering is a continuous improvement process that’s applied to the design and manufacture of not only new but existing products as well. It ensures we are constantly honing the design of our street furniture to enhance its appeal, usability and durability, and refining its manufacture to increase production efficiencies and reduce lead times and costs.

It is a complex, multi-faceted approach that considers every aspect of a street furniture product’s design:

  1. Aesthetics – We monitor outdoor space and street furniture design trends to ensure we are designing for the contemporary lifestyle and built environment.
  2. Functionality – We play close attention to a product’s purpose and place:  how it will meet the practical needs of clients (durability, ease of installation and maintenance) as well as end users (accessibility, comfort, convenience), and the environment in which it will be fixed.
  3. Materials – We are meticulous in our selection of materials, choosing only the most suitable materials for a product in terms of its look and feel, resilience in the outdoor environment, eco-credentials and of course, quality.
  4. Construction – All of our designs meet (or exceed) the relevant safety and construction standards.
  5. Customisation – Built into the design of the majority of our street furniture range is the ability to tailor a product with materials and finishes to suit a place, purpose or price point.

This local design and manufacturing expertise offers clients a distinct advantage – access to street furniture that is the ‘right fit’ due to its inherent design qualities and the level of customisation on offer.

The Liffiton Edge Accessory is a case in point.

Core to Liffiton’s appeal is its design aesthetic, and its versatility and flexibility.

Made from premium hardwood timber and locally sourced steel and aluminium, the modular benches, seats and platforms in the range are available in a variety of sizes, widths and lengths with the option to add fixtures and fittings, such as backs and arm rests for increased comfort, and LED lighting for safety. 

Our introduction of the Liffiton Edge Accessory range capitalises on our custom manufacturing capability to lift Liffiton’s appeal, with the singular focus on supporting our clients to make their spaces unique.

Manufactured from NZ steel, the Liffiton Edge Accessory can be fitted to Liffiton benches and platforms to strengthen and enhance their visual impact.

Clients can play with shapes and placement, powdercoat the fixture in a choice of contemporary colours and finish with laser cut-outs inspired by a location’s cultural heritage or architectural aesthetic – incorporating Iwi language, botanical motifs or elements of a Council or corporate brand.

Sleek and simple, the metal finish contrasts yet complements the natural warmth of the timber furniture suite, re-affirming Liffiton’s position as a street furniture solution that is compatible with any contemporary streetscape, park or community space.

Talk to us today about Liffiton Edge Accessory and how our local design and manufacturing capability can add value to your outdoor space.

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