The new language of flexible urban design

Park, plaza or promenade … every public space varies in size, stakeholders and purpose. Flexibility is today’s necessity and modular outdoor furniture is answering the call.

Our rapidly urbanising global population demands new thinking about traditional open spaces. Fortunately, a new generation of incredibly adaptable street furniture creates exciting opportunities.

Italian company and Urban Effects partner Metalco is at the forefront of this approach on an international stage, with a collection of modular furniture that is breathtakingly stylish and deceptively simple.

In fact, according to Metalco’s General Export Manager Daniela Bertino it’s as easy as the ABC.

“Our goal is to provide an alphabet, allowing everyone to create their own urban vocabulary and invent new places and spaces to live in the city,” she says.

“We create collections that are made up of single elements (just like alphabet letters), which can be used in an endless number of combinations. They come together to match difference places, landscapes and needs – easily and cost-effectively customising a space.”

Metalco’s range – particularly its Vita Urbana (Urban Life) collections – are all about bringing people together.

From seating to flower boxes, many of Metalco’s pieces can be interconnected using different shapes, sizes and elements that are all unified by a beautifully seamless design.

It’s a smart and cost-effective way to create zones for different purposes: gathering, socialising, reading, watching, relaxing, eating and drinking.

All Metalco’s collections are designed by renowned architects and designers, and are created using innovative raw materials and the latest technologies.

Want to solve your own puzzle with modular furniture? Urban Effects is proud to be the sole distributor of Metalco products in New Zealand and we’d love to help you bring your vision to life.

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