The Importance of Recycling & Sustainable Waste Solutions

Currently, New Zealand discards 1.5 million tonnes of waste each year. However, only 28% of this is recycled. This snapshot indicates New Zealand has a long way to go in waste reduction and recovery. With the number of products consumed daily, packaging is constantly straying into our environment, contaminating our beautiful landscapes and waterways, harming marine life in the process. The gases released into the atmosphere from waste also contributes to greenhouse gases and poor air quality for residents.

However, there is so much the public and council can do to improve our environmental footprint simply starting with recycling. Therefore, ensuring the public is provided with as many avenues to recycle is critical to improving our quality of life and cleaning up our environment. Whether this is in the workplace, schoolyard, or public spaces.

Corporate Recycling

Did you know a major percentage of waste in New Zealand is classified as either commercial or industrial?

This is due to a knowledge gap about relevant commercial recycling services and waste programs that are practical for the workforce. However, investing in sustainable corporate work processes has several benefits for employers.

Firstly, taking responsibility for company waste through recycling initiatives increases your sustainable responsibility as a business, improving your image as a socially responsible corporation. Recycling is also cost-effective and often cheaper than sending off waste to landfill. Environmental initiatives at work also boost employee satisfaction and morale, as they become empowered knowing their employer is involved in sustainable practices. Finally, and most importantly, workplace recycling programmes reduce the environmental footprint of your business and building.

There are so many programs available to businesses by the government such as that provide companies with information on what recycling program would work best for their waste and office type.

Our Urban Effects recycling products are the perfect solution to house your recycling bins, creating a cohesive look and simple way to encourage employees in reducing waste. Including indoor and outdoor rubbish bin solutions. This includes sleek stainless steel litter bins, separated waste bins, and much more. Browse our range online or contact our experienced team for what solution suits your business.

Our Bund bin product which allows for easy waste separation and recycling.

Educational Sustainability

As educators of the next generation, schooling providers must set the standards in terms of environmental sustainability or their students. Not only this, but schools and tertiary institutions produce considerable paper and plastic waste from books, food packaging, school supplies and more. Therefore, implementing a practical recycling solution is vital to reducing the environmental impact of our education providers.

There are several resources available to schools and universities to help find right recycling programme for their business. The government is also provides informative resources as well as learning materials for students on the importance of recycling and waste management.

Once a programme has been decided upon, the next step is looking for practical, durable, and sizable bins that will house all recycling product produced by the school or university.

Urban Effects was founded on sustainable responsibility and can provide eco-friendly and modern waste management solutions for your organisation. The Atessa Enclosure bin and the Citistyle Enclosure recycling bins make disposing of rubbish clean and appealing. Made from aluminium with a fire retardant and vandal resistant design, these bins are perfect for educational use.

Council Sustainability

Local government and council also hold responsibility for providing urban recycling and rubbish solutions to reduce wate in public spaces. Small things such as signage and bin placement can make a huge difference in overall waste management. Distinctive bins with simple wording, icons and signage can aid in increasing public participation. It is also vital to consider both the appearance and functionality of the bins for the space. The design principle of the ‘twin bin’ solution, involving placing the recycling bin directly next to rubbish bins has yielded successful results in public environments.

Urban Effects can aid facility planners and councils alike in finding the perfect solution for public recycling. Browse our recycling bins online and get in touch with our expert team to find out more.

Overall, recycling our waste is a simple solution that should be adopted by businesses, education providers and councils alike to reduce our environmental footprint and start moving toward a sustainable future for New Zealand.

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