The Growth of Community Gardens

Are you looking to promote healthy lifestyles in your community, all the while encouraging locals to get outside and connect with each other? A community garden could be the answer. Bursting with character and raw beauty, each community garden is unique, and holds a special place in the hearts of those who contribute to its abundance. While the concept of growing your own fruit and vegetables is incredibly rewarding, the idea of connecting with nature and growing community spirit at the same time is truly special. Community gardens are becoming increasingly popular, and are a place to call home for the health conscious, avid learners and residents looking to support a recreational movement.

What is a community garden?

Community gardens are located on Government, school or church-owned properties, and encourage complete community responsibility. They promote the consumption of locally grown produce, sustainability and give members of the local area the opportunity to learn new skills, adopt healthy habits and connect with others.

Community gardens demonstrate a realistic approach to sustainability that everyone has a chance to become involved in. Many people are limited by their living situation (apartment buildings, rental properties etc.), and are unable to cultivate a garden in their own home.

Whilst gardening is the main focus, these community spaces can also be hubs for education, playgroups, creative workshops, food preparation classes and local events.

Why are they becoming so popular?

Community gardens have existed since food shortages during the World Wars. However, the motive behind their recent boost in popularity is their innovative approach to community health. Not only is it a great way to sustainably source produce, but these gardens are also very useful educational tools. Locals can learn about water usage, waste minimisation and composting, which can be practised in every home.

Benefits of community gardens

There are many benefits to community gardens that are the driving force behind their current growth. These include:

·         Providing an opportunity to learn, exercise & relax outdoors

·         Can help reduce the cost of groceries

·         Teaching eco-friendly habits

·         Easy access to fresh food

·         Members of the community (of all ages) can learn a variety of new skills

·         Increasing the sense of community

·         Locals can garner newfound gratitude for the land they live on

DIY: Create a garden in your local community today!

Create a community garden that represents the heart of your community. Make it a comfortable and inviting place that’s suitable for everyone. Urban Effects offers a range of products that can enhance your community garden.


Choose benches that suit the natural surroundings, like the Solid Wood Bench, the Parkvale Bench or the Ideas ‘L’ Bench/Seating.

Drinking Fountains

Drinking fountains are crucial in every outdoor setting. Include several to keep the community hydrated and happy. The Fuente-R (Rectangular) Drinking Fountain is great for hydration, as well as filling watering cans and rinsing equipment.


Incorporate some sheltered spaces for residents to relax. Create a large shaded area with the Kiwi Curve Shelter, or several smaller areas with the Universal Shelter – 2 posts.

Litter Bins

Respect for the land is one of the many positive outcomes of community gardens. Support this notion by including litter bins like the Bloom Bin or the Aero Recycling Littler Bin.

Make a difference and support the members of your community by encouraging gardening! For more information on which products will work best for your area, get in touch with the team at Urban Effects.

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