Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

We have seen them all before; old, sun-faded, and dilapidated outdoor furniture that is barely holding itself together. Cheaply made and destined for landfill, it is far too common a sight in the backyards, parks, and common areas of New Zealand and beyond.

As New Zealand’s park and street furniture experts, we understand the importance of sustainable furniture design. That is why Urban Effects is committed to keeping a keen focus on ecological sustainability in everything we do.

As lovers of the outdoors, it is our responsibility to ensure that we are doing all that we can to prevent bringing harm to the natural environment that we enjoy so much. Only now are we beginning to understand the permanent and damaging impact that we have had on the natural environment, and how important it is to change our habits for the better. This is the basis of the sustainable design philosophy.

“Environmentally sustainable design is the philosophy of designing physical objects, the environment and services to comply with the principles of ecological sustainability”

By carefully selecting outdoor furniture that has been built with sustainability in mind, you can change the effect you have on the world that will be inhabited by your children, grandchildren, and beyond.


How to Choose Sustainable Outdoor Furniture

  1. Use natural materials that can be reused, repurposed, or recycled

One of the biggest considerations when sourcing sustainable outdoor furniture is the material in which it is made. As we mentioned earlier, poorly made outdoor furniture is far more likely to just end up in landfill as it succumbs to the elements. Choose durable, natural, and recyclable materials.


What is The Best Material for Outdoor Furniture?

The best material for outdoor furniture varies in terms of several factors, including what the final application ends up being. Some popular and sustainable options include granite, marble, or hardwood, all of which will last for years and can be disposed of sensibly.


  1. Think about how your outdoor furniture will be used

In the case of furniture installations such as water fountains, it’s a good idea to think about how your furniture will be used once it’s installed into the space. Will your water fountain be the cause of significant wasted water? If so, it may be a good idea to introduce water-saving fountains. Through clever urban planning, you may be able to direct excess water towards a garden or green space that would benefit from the water.


  1. Encourage good habits in your outdoor space

Whether you are furnishing a park, playground, or any other kind of urban space, the environment will benefit greatly from some critical thinking about how people will behave in your space.

Add recycling bins to the space alongside regular litter bins to prevent unnecessary litter and the recyclable waste being thrown in with the rubbish. Provide bike racks where suitable, as this may encourage visitors to ride their bike down, rather than drive their car.


As sustainability is so important to us, we would love to help you to plan your newest eco-friendly, commercial outdoor space. For more information about any of our sustainable outdoor furniture products, contact the team at Urban Effects today.

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