Sustainability will never go out of style

The sustainability movement is growing in momentum, driven by an increasing awareness and understanding that our quality of life now and into the future is dependent on how we care for, and manage our impact, on our environment.

A serious, long-term commitment to sustainability from Governments, Councils, businesses and communities in the planning and design of our cities and towns, and our parks and public spaces, will change the way we live and work – for the better.

Focus on sustainability and everyone wins

As the New Zealand Institute of Landscape Architects states, people have been altering the natural landscape and shaping it for our purposes for centuries.

What we know now is that balancing development, growth and progress with responsible environmental management has significant benefits. In fact, the New Zealand Ministry for the Environment’s Urban Design Guide states that environmentally responsible cities and towns are more successful because they “value the role that landscape and the natural environment play in making their urban areas great places to live and work, and they value the contribution they make to their identity, liveability and quality of life”.

A focus on sustainability results in communities that have:

  • Happier, healthier people
  • Increased community pride
  • A stronger connection with their natural environment
  • Better air and water quality
  • Better energy and water management
  • More efficient land use
  • Increased property values, and
  • Less waste.

How can you help sustain sustainability’s popularity?

At Urban Effects, we believe sustainability is a conscious choice. Being part of the solution, means putting sustainability front and centre in every decision you make – from the people you work with to the products you select for your project.

Engage experts in sustainable design

Working with people who really get sustainable design can make a substantial difference to the outcomes you achieve for your community space.

Landscape architects are qualified professionals who focus on landscapes, how we interact with them, and how they can be enhanced through sustainable design. By tapping into their expertise and experience, you ensure your project factors in all of all of the aspects of sustainable design from the technical (e.g. energy and water use, waste management and flora, fauna and soil conservation) to the aesthetic (e.g. cultural heritage, look and feel, and  furniture and amenities that boost people’s engagement and enjoyment).

Support businesses with a genuine commitment to sustainability

Choosing suppliers that have solid eco credentials gives you peace of mind that your project ticks all of the boxes when it comes to sustainability. Businesses that truly value sustainability put a priority on efficiency and innovation and have products and practices in place that minimise their environmental impact.

Look for suppliers that manufacture, package and transport their products in the most environmentally way possible, and conserve energy, manage water use and minimise waste in their operations. Buying local also means you’re supporting the New Zealand economy and helping create local employment opportunities.

Choose sustainable street and park furniture

If you’re creating a space using sustainable design principles, naturally you should choose street and park furniture to match.

Urban Effects’ range of street and park furniture features a mix of innovative, eco-friendly products made right here in New Zealand and products sourced from global leaders in sustainable furniture design and production like Metalco. This includes products manufactured using sustainably sourced, recycled and recyclable materials, including FSC and PEFC accredited timber, aluminium and recycled concrete and plastic.

We also have a variety of smart products with built-in energy and water saving features, and products that promote responsible waste management.

The Urban Effects team would be happy to talk to you about our sustainability commitment and our eco-friendly range of products. Contact us today.

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