Sun smart community spaces need quality shade structures

We’ve all heard of slip, slop, slap and wrap when it comes to protecting ourselves from the sun’s damaging rays. But, for extra, built-in sun protection, quality permanent shade structures in our parks and recreation areas are a must.

According to the Cancer Society of New Zealand, skin cancer is the most common cancer in Aotearoa and along with Australia, we have the highest melanoma rates in the world. Over-exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the sun is the cause of over 90% of skin cancers, which is why the Cancer Society is calling on Councils to help create SunSmart environments where we live, work and play.

One way that Councils can do this is by making the inclusion of natural shade (trees) and built shade (shelters and shade structures) a priority for new developments and when upgrading existing parks, play spaces and recreation areas.

In fact, the research shows good quality shade can reduce UV radiation exposure by up to 75%* when used in combination with the other four SunSmart steps.

What is quality built shade?

According to the Cancer Society’s guidelines, the checklist for quality shade structures or shelters in parks, playgrounds and recreation areas includes:

  • The shelter offers maximum UV radiation protection during peak UV periods and high use times;
  • The shelter makes the outdoor space comfortable to use in all seasons;
  • The shelter is accessible to all members of the community; and
  • The shelter is attractive, practical and environmentally friendly.

Looking for SunSmart Shelters? Urban Effects has you covered

Urban Effects has an that extensive range of shelters that are made for New Zealand conditions, offering first class sun protection while improving the amenity of parks and public places.

Made from the highest quality materials, our shelters come in all styles, shapes and sizes to provide the perfect, permanent shade solution for BBQ areas in parks and reserves; covered seating for transit zones, commercial and cultural precinct;, and alongside playgrounds and sporting fields.

We’ve even put together SunSmart outdoor packages for Councils to assist you to quickly and affordably up the sun protection factor for your community spaces.

Choose from outdoor packages including shelters like the Kiwi Curved Shelter or Skillion Shelter with table settings and the option to encourage healthy hydration habits with conveniently located drinking fountains.

Or, why not take SunSmart to whole new levels with the Deluxe Neo Shelter. One of the latest additions to the Urban Effects range, this shelter is a stylish solution with breeze channelling side panels and rooftop solar panels and charging stations that harness the sun’s power for good!

Talk to us today about how you can provide quality shade in parks and recreation areas with shelters from the Urban Effects range.

*Source: Pearson, P., Neale,R., Wollski, P. & Green, A. 1998, ‘The shady Side of Solar Protection’, Medical Journal of Australia, 168:327-330.

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