Step Outside & Smell the Success- Why Outdoor Play is a Crucial Part of Growing Up!

Whether it’s an iPhone, YouTube or the latest Xbox game, there’s always a new and exciting screen our kids’ eyes are perpetually glued to. The years of frolicking through the backyard and riding bikes down the streets seem to be disappearing faster than the next generation can hit power on the TV remote. For this reason, it’s more important than ever to emphasise the benefits of outdoor play in the early years of growing up. Outdoor play is crucial for a number of qualities developed in early life. The right equipment in urban areas, schools, parks and playgrounds can be a step in the right direction for your community. To uncover what the overall benefit of outdoor play is, let’s explore the areas of growth that are positively affected, along with a few key pieces of equipment that support healthy and successful lifestyles!

1.      Encourages Physical Health

It goes without saying that being outdoors has a direct effect on physical health. Sunlight and fresh air promote healthy immune systems and bone development, while muscle strength and weight regulation result from playing games and doing outdoor activities. Equip schools, sporting fields and local parks with portable grandstands to encourage organised sport. ­­­­­­The Metro 3-Tier Grandstand is a great addition to sporting fields and allows active children to enjoy the support of their family and friends whilst playing. Exercise and outdoor play shouldn’t be perceived as a chore! Enhance sporting facilities with quality equipment so children can play their favourite sports with ease.

2.      Improves Mental Health

Endorphins are incredibly important, and unfortunately, they are not transmitted through screens. Stress levels, self-esteem and overall happiness are improved when children simply get outside and play. An outdoor environment also encourages imaginative play and gives children the chance to use their imaginations, create their own games and play freely without the boundaries or pressure generated by video games. Encourage children to take a breath of fresh air, a break from computer screens and to feel the benefits of natural lighting.

Urban Street Furniture

3.      Enhances Social Skills  

An outdoor setting gives children the opportunity to explore parts of their personality that may not surface in other environments. Social skills like sharing, leadership and teamwork are all developed through outdoor play. For instance, incorporating a concrete table tennis table into urban areas, schools or parks, encourages children to develop hand-eye coordination skills, practise rules of certain games and partake in healthy competition. Urban Effects Metro Table is a premium piece of outdoor equipment that encourages children to stay active on lunch breaks and after school.

Outdoor Tennis Table Table

4.      Promotes Intellectual Growth

Far too many children wake up each morning with immediate exposure to a TV, computer or phone screen. Starting the day off with physical, outdoor exercise is proven to increase concentration levels and the ability to absorb information.  Outdoor play does affect how children learn, it helps them to focus, and it is directly linked to overall intellectual development. Try incorporating bike and scooter racks in your local schools to encourage children to ride to school. The exercise and fresh air will set them up for a successful day at school, every day! The Precinct Bike Rack is a quality, lightweight storage system that can fit a large number of bikes in a small space. It’s perfect for schools!

Street Furniture

5.      Instils Healthy Habits

Learning, understanding and feeling the benefits of outdoor play at a young age will ensure your children live happy and healthy lives. The habits developed through childhood will set them up for success in their adult life. As obesity rates continue to rise, it’s important to give younger generations a head start in preventing self-inflicted health issues.
The benefits of outdoor play are appearing in leaps and bounds! There are many ways to encourage children to get outside in your community. With the right attitude, a positive approach and useful equipment, the next generation can reap the benefits of our beautiful country and all it has to offer.

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