Spotlight: Realgar Bench

The Appeal of Stone

What do concrete, marble and granite outdoor stone construction materials all have in common? They are all increasing in value and are deemed as popular stone outdoor furniture alternatives throughout many modern architectural designs. Not only that, but they possess incredible durability in all seasons of the year whilst coming in a range of bold aesthetic styles. Lastly, they are made in high quality organic materials built to compliment all eco-friendly environments.

The Realgar Bench

A stone product that ticks all of the boxes is the Realgar Bench. This stone outdoor bench is perfect for any outdoor setting and has the potential to enhance the look of all outdoor projects. It is available in either granite or marble, and the surface is protected with special satin opaque varnish, making these benches are particularly great for coastal locations, parks and metropolitan settings.

The Realgar stone bench has all of the benefits of being environmentally friendly whilst being near-impenetrable, making it the perfect seating solution for any project.

Why choose the Realgar?


Marble and granite are reliable materials designed to stand the test of time. Well-built stone structures have an incredibly long lifespan and can exist in harsh, outdoor environments for many years. Regardless of the temperature, season or location they don’t crack under pressure. Another positive that comes with having stone is that the materials aren’t susceptible to mould serious degradation. Stone comes maintenance-free, having the same appearance even 10 years later than when it was purchased.

In addition to Realgar’s durability, it is also versatile. Depending on the temperature, the material can adapt to weather and become a superior insulator, ranging from hot to cold. This is especially effective in moderate climates.


Stone isn’t just hardwearing, it can be beautiful too. The shape and construction of the Realgar bench is modern and on-trend, it’s neutral appearance also means it matches almost anything. This provides more potential for other products to be added to any given space, as your stone bench or structure won’t dominate.

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