Spotlight: Moonstone park bench

With stone and concrete commercial outdoor seating becoming increasingly popular, the moonstone bench has emerged as a bold statement of what modern decorative benches can be. Shaped like a flat water-skipping stone, this modern bench seat offers a seamless aesthetic appeal and comfortable place to rest. If you’re looking for the perfect centrepiece to complete your outdoor space, the moonstone bench may be exactly what you need.

A monolithic statement

A moonstone bench is the perfect modern bench seat for any outdoor setting. Crafted from sanded, polished marble or granite stones, this design evokes thoughts of ancient wonders like the Pyramids or Parthenon, expressed with a modern, sophisticated style. The flawless shape and finish create a futuristic effect, and the sense that this marvellous construction will endure for centuries.

For an extra modern edge, this eye-catching outdoor stone bench is also available with an exotic timber laminate curving around the outside. This offers more accessible seating options, while providing a stunning contrast between the wood and stone.

Why choose our Moonstone park bench?

What sets our moonstone bench apart from other architectural benches? Not only are marble and granite exceptionally durable materials, they are also environmentally friendly. You can use the moonstone as a bench or simply a statement piece. Its smooth surface also makes a moonstone bench perfect for laying down on.

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