Spotlight: Metro Tennis Table

Game, Set, Match!

Liven up your workplace, university or the schoolyard with some friendly competition! Urban Effects has designed an outdoor table tennis table that’s perfect for serving enjoyment into an average day. Break time doesn’t have to be boring, and by adding an element of fun, you can implement ongoing physical and mental benefits.

Not Your Average Tennis Table

Quality, durability and style are all terms that wouldn’t often be associated with an average outdoor Ping-Pong table. Urban Effects has constructed a concrete tennis table that offers all these qualities and more. Modern-day, urban table tennis has never looked better! The tables are manufactured with strong, quality materials yet are still offered at an affordable price. Standard unsealed or painted options are available, meaning you can select a table that works perfectly for your setting and demographic. The low maintenance structure is perfect for an outdoor setting, and promotes fast and efficient play during short lunch or study breaks. The Metro Tennis Table is designed in a way that offers versatility, and can even be used for work projects.

More Than Just a Game

By incorporating a concrete Ping-Pong table into your space, you can encourage physical activity and fitness amongst employees or students. Not only is outdoor tennis a great way to de-stress, but it also contributes to physical fitness within the hours of a work or school day. Productivity can be improved amongst workers, university students can relax and school children have the opportunity to develop skills.

Allowing workers and students to interact through games during break times promotes healthy competition amongst peers and an overall friendly environment. Sport is an ideal way of promoting social encounters and enhancing the atmosphere in your space.


Build hype and impress everyone by incorporating outdoor table tennis into your setting! Contact the team at Urban Effects to learn more about the Metro Model Tennis Table. Bring life to your urban area!

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