Spotlight: Lorenz Modular Bench

Lorenz Modular Bench

Urban areas are designed to give cities character, and are built so residents can enjoy the outdoors at their leisure. Functional, eye-catching urban street furniture is essential in creating these community spaces. Urban Effects Lorenz Modular Benches can transform streetscapes, metropolitan areas, and coastal settings by adding practicality and style to otherwise undeveloped spaces. Suitable for any outdoor space, the Lorenz collection is perfect for adding a modern touch to the community.

Options to enhance outdoor areas

The Lorenz Modular Bench collection boasts adaptability, and the varied compositions in the collection ensure it can be tailored to suit any urban, outdoor setting. The modular seating is manufactured with reconstructed granite or marble with integrated wooden slats. The collection is comprised of a short (1000mm long) and long seat (2200mm long). A ‘Y’ shape seat can also be incorporated to enhance open areas and create a sense of togetherness in communal spaces. Exotic timber slat seats and backrests can be added to the seats for comfort and style.

Urban Effects can provide complete outdoor furniture solution with the range of complementary products including granite and marble bins, bollards, and bike racks.

Benefits of the Lorenz Modular Bench

Customisation & Installation

The construction of unique and sophisticated urban areas is supported by products such as the Lorenzo Modular Bench. The customisation options and versatility of the product make enhancing urban areas simple. Each bench is equipped with for easy and convenient lifting and positioning. This range boasts trustworthy and stylish seating that is easy to install into any space.


The granite and marble used within this collection means simple maintenance and care. The durability of these materials will ensure outdoor furniture is able to withstand general wear and tear, heat and harsh weather conditions. As street furniture manufacturers, Urban Effects is dedicated to sourcing the finest materials to provide premium, reliable products.

Welcoming Atmosphere

Urban Effects endeavours to bring the outdoors to life every day. Integrating street furniture into NZ urban areas gives back to the community by creating a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere. The Lorenz collection is visually appealing and comfortable, making it the perfect feature for a relaxed outdoor space.

Start Transforming Today

Start drawing inspiration for your next project today. Contact the expert team at Urban Effects to find the most suitable street furniture in NZ. Work with street furniture suppliers you can trust and together we’ll bring community areas to life.


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