Six ways to spend the perfect Sunday outside

There are many ways to spend that perfect Sunday, or in fact, any day outside but we’ve summarised those on the top of the list:

  1. Pack your best piece of meat and some cold drinks, and go to the nearest public BBQ with your friends. Have everyone bring food and outdoor games, and you are all set to spend a relaxing Sunday.
  2. Take a seat on the top of the grandstands with some popcorn and enjoy the game – you will have the best view! Then take a cab if you’ve indulged, or just walk home if you can as it’s a good way to unwind, fit in some exercise yourself and at the same time, digest the day’s treats!
  3. Pack your picnic and find the best table along the river – have the kids feed the fish, ducks or other birds with the leftover sandwiches. Make sure to clean the table before you leave and throw all the rubbish away.
  4. Take your bike for a ride along the river or the seafront. Park it in a bike rack when you are tired (five minutes is good enough – it is Sunday after all), and make use of some of the street furniture or savour a nice espresso in a café (cake will do too). Then take your bike and go home (FYI, pushing the bike while walking is not going to help you eliminate that big chocolate cake slice you just had).
  5. Take your dog for a run in the park, enjoy the sun and the freedom. No need to bring anything else than your house keys, you can just have a good sip of water at the drinking fountain and do some stretching (or some napping) in the grass. Make sure to lie down in the shade, or you might just wake up with some painful sunburn!
  6. Go for a walk in the park and have a seat on a bench and take in all the world has to offer. Make sure to bring sunglasses or a magazine to do some people watching without being noticed. Oh, come on, we know you love it as much as we do! If not, bring a good book and maybe a pillow.
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