Rooftop Gardens

Stairway to Green Heaven

Concrete jungles can often be a little dismal. A place embellished with greyish tones, polluted with noise and flashing lights, where getting lost in a crowd is a common occurrence. What if packing up the car and making a quick escape wasn’t the only way to set out on a relaxing getaway? Innovative new trends are painting our concrete jungles a fresh and fitting shade of green.

Rooftop gardens are bringing cities to life. Whether it’s a contemporary garden design used to relax and unwind, or a vegetable patch promoting health and sustainability, rooftop gardens are a highly beneficial addition to any inner-city building.

Plant the Seed and Watch it Grow

The development of roof gardens is shining a positive light on several aspects of modern life. From human wellbeing, to saving the planet, a green roof is key in the sustainability of our future. It’s no surprise this trend is taking cities by storm.

Rooftop gardens on apartment buildings promote balanced, healthy lifestyles. They allow individuals and families to enjoy the perks of inner city living combined with the appealing features of suburban life. Apartment owners may not have access to a backyard, however with urban roof gardens, they can now take a walk upstairs to an open, green space that offers better views and privacy than most backyards. The best part? Maintenance can be kept to an absolute minimum, with features such as planter boxes and artificial turf. Rooftop gardens on corporate buildings give workers a place to relax or clear their heads during a busy workday and support a healthy work life balance.

The benefits of a balanced lifestyle are further enhanced by the optimisation of space in this concept. Rooftop vegetable gardens are a popular option, used to encourage affordable healthy eating, create a sense of community and limit energy consumption.

It’s this contribution to combatting climate change and the ambitions for society’s wellbeing that have accelerated this concept’s growth in many countries. The city of Denver in the United States is considering an initiative that would alter the current building code, and require certain buildings to incorporate urban roof gardens. This initiative would be implemented in a bid to combat hot summer days and climate change.

Could initiatives like this offer a sustainable and green solution to the modern world’s desire to develop? It’s certainly a step in the right direction!

Watch the sun rise and watch it set, rather than dreading its disappearance behind a neighbouring building. Turn your rooftop terrace into a natural haven, and enjoy a greener city life.

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