People power: urban street furniture gets real

Great public spaces have been described as “the living room of the city” – and there’s a growing demand to furnish them more thoughtfully.

In overcrowded cities, people need public spaces more than ever to connect, belong, unwind and enjoy nature. Often underestimated, the furniture we choose for those spaces has a huge impact on people’s everyday lives.

Furniture affects how we move through and use space, whether we’re social or solitary, can enjoy views or wait comfortably – and even if we feel welcome.

Italian company and Urban Effects partner Metalco is an internationally renowned designer with people-friendly furniture at its core.

Metalco’s General Export Manager Daniela Bertino says that it’s all about social design for real life.

“We operate from the premise that ‘every place is like home’ and people should feel comfortable, welcomed, understood and looked after. Outdoor spaces come alive with people and the right furniture can make that happen.”

“Instead of a single bench, we think of social islands – where people can meet and spend time together. Our modular furniture allows endless possibilities and we add clever, useful features like built-in coffee tables or planters,” Daniela says.

Much of Metalco’s work is inspired by the Italian Piazza: a central, open square where people traditionally came together to meet, buy and sell, or to be entertained.

“Our furniture is inspired by a modern-day version of the city or town square. Today, people spend so much time in offices and on mobile devices. We want to help create amazing spaces that improve people’s lives – even if they’re just waiting for a train. It should feel easy and inviting to walk through, sit, talk, play, read, or just relax.”

Metalco’s organic shapes, innovative materials (like high performance concrete, marble, galvanized steel and natural wood) and sophisticated, ergonomic designs all contribute to creating outstanding public ‘living rooms’.

Want to furnish your outdoor space more thoughtfully? Our refreshing range, including sole distribution of Metalco products in New Zealand, can help bring your vision to life.

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