Spotlight: Onice Planter Bench

Take a Seat in Paradise

Sitting down and relaxing in the outdoors is a special thing.

It generates an opportunity to create memories, reminisce about times gone by; to make new friends, reconnect with old ones, or you could simply be passing time. At Urban Effects, we care about contributing to the beautiful moments in life. Encourage these moments and enhance urban areas in your community by combining furniture and nature with the Onice Planter with Bench. This innovative piece of furniture combines functionality and beauty into one, and is the key to adding tranquillity to any urban outdoor area.

More to it than meets the eye…

The Onice Planter is a sustainable and aesthetically pleasing piece of urban decor for community spaces. The planter bench is designed with quality marble stone or granite, ensuring it can withstand harsh weather conditions, as well as general wear and tear. Its versatility and range of size options ensures it can be tailored to suit any space.

The plants and trees integrated into the product provide an ecosystem for birds, insects and other animals. It not only adds practicality to urban areas, but also provides sustainable street furniture to growing cities. Show the community you care by giving back in more ways than one!

Good for you, great for the planet…  

This modern piece of urban outdoor furniture benefits the community and environment.

Envelop community spaces with a sense of sustainability, and encourage environmentally sound practices for the future. By bringing serenity to an urban space with the Onice Planter, you are encouraging calmness amongst those in the area. For example, this bench is an ideal spot for workers on a break from lunch, looking to take time away from the hustle and bustle without completely leaving the location. Allow members of the community to feel as though they are surrounded by nature, even if the Onice Planter is situated in a developed area.


Add style and innovation to urban areas, whilst highlighting your community’s contribution to a sustainable future. Contact the experts at Urban Effects to learn more about the Onice Planter and its benefits. Together, we can add the gentle touch of nature to commercialised spaces and give life to urban areas.

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