National Tree Day: Arbor Day

Where would we be today without trees? Nowhere. For as long as we can remember, trees have given us most of our vital requirements as humans- oxygen, food, protection and shelter. Not to mention something beautiful to look at. Now it’s our turn to look after them.

Through New Zealand’s National Tree Day, also known as Arbor day, this important message is spread across our nation. New Zealand’s first dedicated tree planting event took place in 1890 in the fertile Wairarapa Valley. It’s first significant celebration of National Tree Day, marked by the planting of the vibrantly native Pohutukawa tree and Norfolk pines along the Thorndon Esplanade in Wellington, in 1892. Since 1977, NZ has fittingly celebrated Arbor Day on the same day as ‘World Environment Day’- June 5. Arbor day in New Zealand celebrates our unique natural beauty and indigenous biodiversity by educating our communities, and planting a passion for the future protection and preservation of our wondrous heritage trees.

Tree Protection Systems


To spread the Arbor Day message and showcase our native treasures to all communities including rural and urban alike, it’s important to maintain the protection of our native plants in our urban zones. The solution? Tree protection by Urban Effects. These stylishly designed tree guards protect our valuable trees from damage, whilst providing aesthetic enhancement to any area.


Our innovative tree guards are designed for maximum versatility to enhance any urban space. Available in an array of colours, with the option to customise certain grates to suit your unique area. Other design enhancements include laser-cutting and lighting installation to showcase the area’s natural beauty and enrich evening atmosphere.


While it’s not all about looks, our tree guards also provide plenty of practical benefits below the surface. Our tree protectors offer a lifesaving barrier to the concrete jungle, allowing tree roots to access water and saplings to thrive uninterrupted. We want you to enjoy the beauty of trees and reap the benefits of nature in every aspect of life. Therefore, our tree guards are designed to promote plant protection in urban areas so the physical and psychological benefits of trees can be enjoyed by all.

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