For the love of bikes (and the people that ride them)!

Around 1 in 5 New Zealanders own a bike and, according to the Cycling Action Network, more and more of us are using peddle power to get to school and work. They estimate more than 45,000 people ride to work (about 3% of commuters), and that number is increasing in cities like Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

The growing popularity of bikes is prompting a revolution (pun intended!) in town planning and urban design. Councils, developers and schools are working to make commuting by bike and cycling for leisure as safe and convenient as possible in our communities – creating bikeways, bike paths, and training initiatives that build bike riding skills like the New Zealand Government’s Bike Ready program. They’re also recognising that you have to cater for a  cyclist’s entire journey, highlighting the need for end-of-trip facilities such as parking, lockers and showers and trip facilities like shelters, water and toilets.

At Urban Effects, we’re all for embracing the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle and supporting cyclists young and old by providing some of the essentials for end-of-trip and trip facilities, including bike storage solutions and shelters.

New beaut bike packages

Our new Outdoor Parking Packages make it easy for you to cater for the cyclists in your community.

We’ve put together eight packages featuring practical combinations of some of our top selling bike racks and shelters that can accommodate anything from four to 40 bikes. You also have the option to add one of our smart, durable drinking fountains and waste disposal options to kit out your facility.

For schools…

The perfect choice for schools, the Outdoor Parking Package – X-Large – Option B provides parking for up to 40 bikes with 16 Citistyle Semi Hoop Bike Racks under two sturdy Skillion Shelters.

For parks …

The curved roof of the Parkland Shelter and Citistyle Semi Hoop Bike Racks are a stylish combination for your Park n Ride or Ride n Park facility. Accommodates up to six bikes. (Ask for the Outdoor Parking – Regular – Option B.)

For urban transit areas, offices and retail centres

Accommodate up to 12 bikes with the Outdoor Parking Package – Large – Option A which includes the Double-Sided Space Shelter and six Citistyle Semi Hoop Bike Racks. The Space Shelter has terrific street appeal making it the ideal choice for transit areas, office buildings and retail centres.

Get in touch with the Urban Effects team to talk about our Outdoor Parking Packages.

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