Ranui Library

When Auckland City Council decided to build a much-needed new library for Ranui, a proud suburb on the fringes of the city, it wanted to create a modern space that also captured the local community spirit.

Around four times the size of the previous facility, the new library is a welcoming and inspirational space that reflects the natural and historical context of Ranui.

To complement the building’s ‘saw blades’, and the internal ‘forest’ artworks, the outdoor landscape references the mighty Kauri forest through vegetation, paving and fencing patterns and materials.

The design of the streetscapes, learning courtyard and carpark all build on this concept to create a beautiful, educational and environmentally responsible space that’s unique to Ranui.

Urban Effects worked with the client to provide a family of streetscape furniture and facilities made out of corten steel – including Spencer outdoor bins, bike racks and drinking fountain. Also known as “weathering steel”, this material complements the building’s weathered steel façade while injecting comfort and functionality that encourages people of all ages to gather and learn. Their slimline design results in their seamless integration in the contemporary and authentic surrounds.