Queenstown Airport

Queenstown Airport is the gateway to some of New Zealand’s best ski fields and a mecca for tourism experiences.

Over the past couple of years the airport has recently undergone several major upgrades, including a new runway, new approach lights, a new park and ride facility and historically accepting after-dark flights for the first time. It all adds up to a completely modern facility that can compete with the world’s best airports and provide first class service to visitors.

So it stands to reason that after all these amazing upgrades, the team at the airport would be looking at enhancing all their other facilities for visitors too. They approached us looking for stylish, functional and modern benches and seats for their new and improved bus stop and passenger waiting areas.

The new stops are designed with clear glass enclosures, which both protects waiting passengers from the weather and gives them total visibility of approaching vehicles. To offset this sleek modern look, in partnership with our client, we selected low line Liffiton benches and seats. The natural timber complements the glass and steel enclosures – bringing a raw warmth and style to a facility that’s usually function over form.

The long, wide benches provide plenty of space to fit multiple people with no arm rests or features that will get in the way of being able to easily and quickly access the seats and manoeuvre luggage around them. These durable pieces will withstand heavy use and weather for many years. It truly was a fresh, practical, simple solution that gave the Queenstown Airport team the sleek style they wanted, in a timely and cost effective way.

ClientQueenstown Airport