Milverton Park

Milverton Park was gifted to the Palmerston North City Council by its namesake, William Milverton, in 1925 with one condition – that the park would remain free for the public to use for recreation.

In 2019, the Council upgraded the park, rejuvenating the space with new play equipment, facilities and amenities for current and future generations of Palmerston North residents to enjoy.

Despite being in the centre of the city, nature is at the core of Milverton Park. The design of the park and its playspace capitalise on its natural features, with children enticed to climb trees, clamber over rocks and play on eco-inspired equipment.

The park’s seating, supplied by Urban Effects, was carefully chosen to complement the park’s ‘nature play’ theme and arranged to encourage children and their parents and carers to interact with each other and their surroundings.

A number of our Kingsgrove Park Seats have been strategically placed around the park. The soft grey, natural patina and curved lines of the hardwood bench seat blend beautifully with the park’s environmental aesthetic and provide a comfortable resting spot or place for adults to keep a watchful eye on their children as they play.

In contrast, the rainbow-coloured Buddy Bench stands out, and that’s exactly what it’s meant to do. The Buddy Bench, which can be found in parks and school playgrounds around the world, is designed to help tackle loneliness, isolation and bullying by promoting inclusion, empathy and connection. It works by providing children a safe, visible place to sit when they are looking for someone to talk to or play with; immediately sending a signal to other children (and adults) to check if they are okay and invite them to play or talk.