Makino Aquatic Centre

The Makino Aquatic Centre has been a popular swimming and recreation space for the Manawatu community for over 40 years. While it has been updated over time, the district’s growing population placed excessive demand on pool facilities. Over 130,000 people enjoy the facilities each year – an average of 356 visitors every day. The solution was a major redevelopment, involving more than 4,000 community members in an extensive engagement and consultation process.

With our sister company Playground Centre, Urban Effects was closely involved in the project, providing indoor and outdoor furniture, grandstands, barbeques and playground equipment. The key priorities were durability, functionality and safety – with fun and enjoyment built in. Of course, all solutions had to be tough enough to thrive in a wet, poolside environment and withstand constant daily use. With Council planning further stages of this precinct, the Makino is a healthy, social hub that’s growing with its community. Once completed, the new facilities will provide more access, more programs and more experiences for thousands of locals and visitors alike.

CouncilManawatu District Council