Karehana Park

Parks are for everyone in the community. That’s been the guiding principle driving a three-year upgrade of Karehana Park.

A local grandfather, who tried to unsuccessfully visit the park with his wheelchair-using grandson, started a group within the Plimmerton Residents’ Association (PRA) to create an all-abilities community recreation space.

At Urban Effects, we specialise in street furniture that can be used and enjoyed by all, and are proud to see our Liffiton Accessible Table included in the latest project at Karehana Park.

A collaboration between Porirua City Council and the PRA, resulted in a new landscaped area featuring a commemorative bench, the table setting and a mature tree dedicated to late, devoted PRA member Roger Johnston.

Allowing wheelchair access from the side, the stylish, comfortable and ultra-low maintenance timber and galvanised steel Liffiton Accessible Table ensures everyone can enjoy the outdoor feasting and fun with ease.

Our own in-house designed & assembled is also a popular choice due to its versatility, simplicity & aesthetically pleasing hardwood finish.

ClientPorirua City Council