Kapiti Coast Town Upgrades

The Kapiti Coast local government has a bold long-term plan to revitalise their region, ensuring town centres stay diverse and vibrant places to live and work. It’s a 14-year plan that will roll out in many parts, and Urban Effects is incredibly pleased to partner in the exciting, first stages.

Projects just completed in the Paraparaumu town centre include improving pedestrian accessibility around the new two-storey retail space Takari House and the Kapiti Lights area.

The aim is to increase community connectivity in these busy shared walking and traffic areas – ensuring a pleasant experience for all users, while never wavering on safety.

The project demands a full suite of outdoor and street furniture, and we consulted closely with our clients to ensure they’d see the maximum benefit from their design.

The popular Liffiton range with its sleek, modern lines was the choice for seating and benches. State of the art 3P technology cast aluminium bollards in muted gunmetal and corten steel were a stylish and safe addition, and finishing touches were added with corten steel planter boxes.

The street furniture has been strategically positioned with great views of Kapiti Island Bird Sanctuary – to allow people to stop, rest, enjoy a coffee and the natural environment all at once. Completed in late 2017, the project has been an absolute success – and a great precursor to the exciting things to come in the Kapiti Coast region.

CouncilKapiti Coast District Council
ArchitectBoffa Miskell (Wellington)
ContractorBrian Perry Civil (Wellington)