Broadway Radiology

As the largest provider of private medical imaging services to the Manawatu and Horowhenua regions, Broadway Radiology recently unveiled its new state-of-the-art redevelopment. With the latest equipment, it was designed to be as functional as possible for patients and staff while also taking design inspiration from the region. In planning, its clinical director said: “We wanted to evoke local scenery and the feel of the bush, stones and the colour of the local landscape.”

For the building’s exterior, Urban Effects came up with ideal solutions for style, safety and convenience. With ends made from granite stone and protected by a special satin opaque finish, Smeraldo bike racks the ideal choice for a leading health facility: modern, sophisticated and beautifully practical.

Metropol bollards use 3P Technology to offer the best of both worlds: strength and versatility. The unique and innovative system provides a quality, sturdy bollard while allowing it to be quickly and easily removed. At Broadway Radiology, the bollards provide both a statement entrance and traffic guide, with the flexibility to easily adapt for future changes.

ArchitectPak Design
ContractorHumphries Construction