Air New Zealand Auckland Airport Campus

New Zealand’s flagship airline, Air New Zealand, is committed to providing workplaces that are “fun, energising and where everyone can make a difference”. The company is committed to the growth and vitality of its business and recently upgraded its Auckland Airport campus. We were delighted to work with Greenwood Associates and ProDesigners Architects to complement their outstanding work: new architectural finishes, a new entranceway, a welcoming outdoor courtyard (that unites the landscape and building design), and a boardwalk for safe access to the car park.

Our modern, white granite seating contrasts beautifully with surrounding greenery and the black building façade. Interspersed with our popular, sleek Liffiton hardwood platform loungers, they bring a relaxed, natural feel that’s enticing for staff, visitors and team-building barbeques. Further down the carpark at the building’s second entrance, our attractive granite Sarah bench benches complete a contemporary, seamless and welcoming outdoor design. Crucially, all outdoor furniture is incredible strong,  long-lasting and low-maintenance – ensuring years of enjoyment.

ArchitectProDesigners Architects
Landscape ArchitectGreenwood Associates
ContractorCook Brothers Construction