Buying Guide: Public Litter Bins

Public Litter Bins: The best option for every space

To the average person, a public bin is a simple convenience. It’s the helping hand that should always be present in the right place, at the right time. While tossing our rubbish in a bin may seem like a basic task, without the right tools, the trusty deed can’t be completed. Studies show that one of the most common reasons people litter is because there are no bins near by.

Public litter bins have the power to completely transform a community. They provide an opportunity to maintain a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable place to live. The repercussions of litter stretch far beyond what we can see. Our waterways, wildlife and marine life are all affected by the inadequate disposal of waste.

Urban Effects has a huge selection of public litter bins that easily integrate into various environments across the public sphere. We’ve detailed our top selection below so you can make the right choice for every space.

Metal Rubbish Bins


Marte Litter Bin

  • Galvanised & powder coated metal parts
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Surface or ground mounted options
  • 50L capacity

This modern public bin is a practical feature for urban areas, as well as a stylish decorative piece. Place the Marte Litter Bin in metropolitan areas, shopping centres and modern streetscapes.

The Conga Litter Bin


  • Galvanised & powder coated finish
  • Laser cut & perforated flora motifs
  • 33L capacity

This rustic litter bin is ideal for urban areas and heritage sites. It adds an element of charm to its surroundings, while promoting cleanliness and community pride.


Wooden Outdoor Rubbish Bins


Citistyle Timber Bin


  • Galvanised steel bin liner with hardwood timber slats
  • 60L or 100L capacity
  • Surface or in-ground mounting available

The modern, simplistic design and timber detailing makes the Citistyle bin an ideal addition to shopping centres, streetscapes, schools and universities.

The Box Litter Bin (wood)


  • Tubular steel structure with teak timber slats & doors
  • Available in 50L, 110L & 135L
  • Wall or floor fixing options

This versatile public bin can be incorporated into modern urban areas, streetscapes or shopping centres. The slim, box design means it can be placed in heavily populated areas. It is equipped with specially designed steel rings to hold waste sacks in place, so rubbish can be easily and properly disposed of.


Cool Public Litter Bins


The Flute Litter Bin

  • 35L Capacity
  • Double side disposal
  • Galvanised & powder coated steel

Keeping the community clean has never been cooler with the Flute Litter Bin! The contemporary design is available in central or double support, or as a wall fixing. It looks great amongst quality designed urban areas, in shopping centres or city centres.

The Bloom Bin


  • Steel assembly of petals with inner liner
  • Hot dipped galvanised
  •  Graffiti guard option

Who said bins couldn’t be beautiful! The Bloom Bin will bring beauty to outdoor spaces in more ways than one. Available in a range of colours and finishes, The Bloom Bin is the perfect fit for parks, urban settings, universities and shopping centres.

Rubino Litter Bin


  • Granite or marble construction
  • Protective satin opaque finish
  • Available in a range of colours

Add practicality and style to urban settings and coastal areas with the Rubino. The attractive design can be personalised to suit most outdoor spaces, while the stone construction ensures durability and high performance.


Stainless Steel Litter Bins


The Spencer-Libre Stainless Steel


  • 80L capacity
  • Stainless steel fixings

The Spencer Bin is constructed with high-quality expanded stainless steel. It’s elegant appearance, durability and streamline design makes for perfect placement in metropolitan settings, parks and shopping centres.

Tulip Litter Bin Stainless Steel


  • 70L capacity
  • Stainless steel fixings
  • Available in a range of colours

The Tulip Bin offers the practicality of stainless steel, combined with a modern, artistic design. The steel petals create a beautiful effect that can be integrated into modern metropolitan settings, parks and shopping centres.


Recycling Outdoor Rubbish Bins


Aero Recycling Litter Bin


  • 3 openings with separate compartments
  • Steel frame & shell
  • Customisable graphics

Emphasise the importance of recycling with this user-friendly bin for mixed wastes. The simple, sophisticated design promotes use across all parts of the community including urban spaces, CBD streetscapes, commercial areas and shopping centres.

Atessa Enclosure (Recycling)


  • Aluminium top & base
  • 240L or 120L capacity
  • Vandal resistant & fire retardant design

The Atessa makes recycling simple! Encourage the community to recycle by incorporating the Atessa Bin into parkscapes, streetscapes, shopping centres, commercial and urban areas. The simple appearance can be tailored to suit any area with our range of customisable colour schemes.

The community as a collective, can all contribute to the beauty and sustainability of their home towns by taking advantage of the tools put in place. Take pride in our beautiful country by strategically placing high-quality outdoor bins in public areas across New Zealand.

Make a statement with an eye-catching, innovative public rubbish bin. Or, opt for something low-key that will blend into its surroundings while serving its purpose. There’s a style of bin to suit every setting in your community, and its placement will have a major impact on the community and its cleanliness.

Keep New Zealand looking it’s best, and set up your community with user-friendly and easily accessible public bins.

Contact the team at Urban Effects to learn more.

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