7 benefits of outdoor furniture for schools

The best memories from our school days are often the times we spent outside, whether on excursions, lunch breaks, or sports days. School outdoor furniture makes it possible to both spend more time outside the classroom, and improve the quality of that time.

Here are 7 benefits of outdoor furniture for schools:

1.     Learn outside

Since learning outside has been found to improve both relax and stimulate students, outdoor school tables are built with a perfectly flat surface for writing. Also, bike racks encourage children to spend more time outside by riding to and from school.

2.     A place to rest

Play time is one area where you can always count on kids to give 110%, whether kicking a ball, playing tag or running around just because. Outdoor furniture for kids gives them somewhere to sit down before they fall down.

3.     Eat lunch in the fresh air

It’s hard to enjoy lunch breaks when there’s nowhere to sit but the hot, hard ground. Add tables and benches so every child can comfortably eat outside.

4.     Built to last

Not only does school outdoor furniture have to withstand the elements, it’s also designed to stand against any damage that children may cause to it, either accidentally or on purpose.

5.     Teachers also benefit

Playground duty can be tiring for teachers, especially after leading a class all day. With somewhere to sit, teachers can recuperate and better focus on supervising the children.

6.     Diversity in the playground landscape

Providing outdoor tables will give creative students a place to exercise their imagination during lunch, rather than doodling in the margins during class.

7.     Encourage conversation

Kids can feel excluded from a group if there’s nowhere left to sit. By providing large seating arrangements, you ensure that every child gets the chance to join the conversation.

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