5 Reasons Why Scooter Racks Rock In NZ!

They’re often overshadowed by their larger, pedalled counterparts, however scooters are back on the scene, and they’re rearing to take over the streets of New Zealand! Every mode of transport deserves to be parked in a safe and secure spot, and with the growing popularity of scooters, it’s time to take charge and provide scooter racks in your community.

1. Fast, Efficient & Fun!

If you thought going to work, school or the shops was boring, think again! Remember it’s not about the destination, it’s the journey, and with a scooter, that journey can become one hell of a ride!
Scooters are an excellent mode of transport for kids, teenagers and the young at heart. They’re an environmentally friendly, fun and fast mode of transport.

2. Promote healthy habits

3 in 9 children in NZ are overweight. As the next generation grows, it’s important to promote active lifestyles, and to ensure we’re supporting the development of healthy habits.
Scooters are a great way to make exercise fun! Scooter racks should be placed around schools, parks, shopping centres and urban areas to encourage kids to ride their scooter, instead of taking the bus or being driven by car.
Riding a scooter to and from school will become a routine exercise, and will have major positive outcomes on kids in NZ. Support this notion by integrating scooter racks into your community!

3. Easy storage in urban areas

The Kiwi Z Scooter Rack available at Urban Effects offers a streamline design that integrates perfectly into urban areas. It’s an easy storage solution that looks great, offers practicality and elevates kids to choose scooters for their transport.

4. Popularity on the rise!

There is talk around town of a scooter revolution in western countries, and it’s no surprise! More and more children are opting for scooters as an alternative to bikes and skateboards, increasing the demand for scooter racks throughout the community.

5. Safe & secure

Scooter racks allow owners to lock up their scooter, and provide a sense of security whilst overcoming the possibility of theft. Effective scooter storage ensures scooters are not left carelessly at shop entrances or in a position to block pathways. They can be a tripping hazard if there is no designated storage space.

Encourage the trend that’s taking the next generation by storm! Promote active lifestyles, eco-friendly transportation and a way for kids to simply have fun! If you’re interested in integrating top quality scooter racks into your urban areas, contact the expert team at Urban Effects today.

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