5 Essential Things Every Public Park Needs

In the world of urban planning, green spaces are an extremely important element. This is especially true here in picturesque New Zealand, where our natural environment is second to none. But what makes a perfect public park? There are some elements that are hard to ignore as being integral to a great green space, as we have detailed below.


1. Commercial BBQs

inklater Reserve, Palmerston North

Commercial barbecues specifically created for public use can help to foster an environment of community and family. By placing commercial barbecues in your public parks, you are encouraging social gatherings in the great outdoors.

Commercial barbecues are easy to use, maintain and help in cooking meals quickly and easily. With in-built safety systems, they can ensure that use is not placing park visitors in any undue danger of injury. Commercial park barbecues can take several forms and make a fantastic addition to your public park.


2. Park Shelters

Skillion Shelter at Kirkpatrick Park Hastings

Park shelters allow for a shaded space in an otherwise open grassy area. They can be great for sharing a meal prepared on one of the already mentioned barbecues and taking a break from the harsh summer sun.

The use of a shelter ranges depending on what is placed underneath. A popular choice is some combination of fixed seating and a table, but they can be left empty or combined with other park elements. Park shelters come in a range of sizes, suitable for public parks of every description!


3. Public Litter Bins

Image of a park

One of the less glamorous facts of enjoying a public park is that their will always be litter that need to be disposed of. Enjoying the great outdoors, cooking great food, walking the dog, enjoying each other’s company­­- these are all activities that may require a bin on-hand.

Public litter bins should be solid, secure, and large. That way they are not going to be interfered with by wildlife and will not fill up too quickly. By providing park visitors with a public bin to use, you can reduce the amount of litter and help to preserve the beauty of your green space.


4. Drinking Fountains

Fuente Outdoor Water Drinking Fountain

Drinking fountains are another public park essential. Whether you are at the park for a relaxing walk, a boot camp or anything in between, they can be a very useful addition. They come in a range of heights and styles to suit anyone who wishes to use them.

With a well-designed drinking fountain, you can ensure that visitors stay hydrated without any of the side effects that are sometimes present such as puddles and mud, especially on grassed areas. By providing adequate drainage around your drinking fountains, park users can get the water that is essential for a hot summer’s day in the sun while still preserving the surrounding area.


5. Seating

Giada Outdoor Seating Benches

Perhaps one of the more obviously essential park elements, seating cannot be ignored during your green space planning or upgrade process. Whether it as part of a table arrangement or simply as a singular bench, they are an affordable and essential part of every public park.

Seating can be created in several finishes, sizes and orientations. Some seating can even be modular and combined with other elements such as garden beds! The possibilities really are endless. Whatever shape your park takes, there are seating options to fit.


Take Your Public Park to the Next Level!

These essential elements are fantastic for ensuring that visitors to your park are given all the facilities they need to make the most of their time there. If you are interested in really sprucing up your public park, take a look at some of our other outdoor furniture products or contact us today for more information!


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