5 Essential Pieces of Street & Park Furniture for Outdoor Urban Spaces

When designing an outdoor urban space, you are usually limited by the size of the area. This is where creative design comes into play! Choosing the right items of street and park furniture is important as they need to optimise the use of space.

Below are five essential pieces of street and park furniture that should be considered for any outdoor urban space.

Functional and comfortable seating

First on the list of required furniture is seating. People may be involved in active or passive recreation in outdoor public spaces and will need a place to rest. Seating can be placed on the side of pathways or playgrounds, under trees, or amongst wide open spaces. Choosing the specifics of the seat design will depend on the style of the space. The Harris seat is versatile, modern, and available in many different design options. It can be placed successfully in any urban setting.

street furniture nz

Public bins to keep it clean

Public bins and enclosures are also essential. We all share the responsibility to keep the environment as clean as possible. By positioning bins at strategic locations in outdoor urban spaces, the public will be more cooperative in keeping the area clean and tidy rather than littering. The West Iron Litter Bin comes attached with a cover to minimise exposure to outdoor elements and prevent scavenger wildlife. This stylish, curved bin fits perfectly into most urban settings.

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Strong and inviting shelters

If you are designing an outdoor area, it’s important to provide shelter and protection from the sun and rain. These shelters should be versatile enough to allow the public to enjoy recreational activities in comfort, regardless of the elements. High quality shelters include the 2 Post – Universal Shelter which is strong and durable: with a corrugated iron roof it is the perfect size for most urban spaces.


Bollards for everyone’s safety

Taking control of the direction of traffic of both people and vehicles is important for the natural flow, design continuity, and safety of the outdoor urban space. Bollards are an economical and effective way to achieve this. The Quick Removable Bollard in particular is ideal, as it is flexible enough to be removed as and when required, allowing for fluctuations in foot and vehicle traffic density.

bollards nz

Sustainable street lights

Last but not least are street lights. Ensuring an outdoor area is sufficiently lit is essential for people’s safety. An eco-friendly solution is to provide solar powered lighting to the area like the All in One Solar Light, which captures the sun’s energy, stores it, and uses it after dark to illuminate any public space.

street light nz

Do you need any of the above items for your next outdoor design project? Urban Effects supplies an extensive range of products to enhance any urban landscape: as well as installing high quality, stylish outdoor furniture we can assist with the planning and design of your project. Contact us or call 0508 487 226.

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